Lasting Impression

We are our status updates
The world spins or whatever
And it records our thoughts
Flowing through the imprecisety
Of ellipses
Ending in uncertain question marks
Question marks curled around the top
But finished with an affirmative dot
Like some inexperienced exclamation point
As if to pronounce indecision with definitive conviction
As we take solace in hiding in the anonymity of worldwide publicity
We constantly define and redefine and undefined
A blinking cursor
The click of a mouse
Those are the heartbeat of the twenty first century
The hugs and high-fives of the future-present
And it’s awesome, right?
We live in a u-no-it world, and we rlly do no it!
The world spins or whatever
Like a whirring hard drive
Keeping fragmented copies of our fragmented thoughts
Everyone remembers
One small step for a man
One giant leap for mankind
The ultimate status update
But somewhere we tripped
And someday someone will find the record of
That time you posted
lolz im bored