Jessica sits like she always does:
Criss cross legs and slumped to the left
Oh, John! she giggles.
You can’t tell anyone!
And I nod conspiratorially;
I listen.
I hear about the boy she kissed,
And how she felt like the movies.
Our secret… she says
Well, hers and the boy and me I guess.
And we giggle.
She playfully punches my shoulder,
And we move on.
We plan for Friday night;
Pledge our hatred of Mrs. Benson;
And after she asks me for the thousandth time
What it’s like in the boys’ locker room,
I think this is a good time
To mention that I’m in love
With Sam Collins,
And I want to kiss him
Like she kissed that other boy,
And I want to hold his hand,
But she never even asked me
if I had any secrets to share.


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