is it more cool to like what everyone else likes
or should I try to find something unexplored?
am I uncool, by definition, if I want to be cool?
it feels like one of the great paradoxes of adolescence…

does cool happen to you
like so many other pieces of high school?

is cool like armpit hair?
one night you go to bed,
just hoping to be like all the others
and then in the morning mirror,
there you are: cool…

is it, perhaps, like so many other things,
some fleeting thing you pass by
because you’re looking too hard to find it?

or maybe cool is more like calculus:
you try and you try and you try
and you fail the midterm
and then suddenly
the numbers quit stomping around the page
and the mystery dissolves

could it be that cool is like
those old Bible stories
where God shows up like some disheveled beggar
and just when you couldn’t think anything less of something
it reappears as the most brilliant form in the world
promising you eternal prosperity

as for now, we’ll all just agree
that cool is quietly yet fiercely protected
deep down
past the broken mine shafts
in the darkest, bottomless cave


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