In Love

In Love

“Young love!” they scoff
examining our reality
through a backwards spyglass
but no one ever questions us
when we say it to mom

“What do they know of it?”
they jeer…hilarious!
Misremembering all the times
we’ve heard it at the coffee table,
in the car, or at grandma’s

“Not ready yet…”
downward shaking heads
eye rolls and whispered mockery
and how could we be, right?
We don’t know anything of
trust and concern

“Not the same!” they promise
they insist, fierce eyes
maudlin heart, ignoring
the same words they cried
to people they swore
they’d never become,
a past completely forgotten

“Well, they’ll learn someday…”
they grin condescendingly
pushing us further away
as though we haven’t yet felt
the comfort of a hug
the whisper of a promise
the surprise of a kiss
or the infinite harmony of
“I love you”


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