Celebrate Diversity!!!!!!!!!!

Celebrate Diversity!!!!!!!!!!

Attention Students:
This year for Diversity Day,
we will learn the danse macabre
and eat crêpes for lunch
we will watch Disney movies in Mandarin
and everyone will wear a Yarmulke!
Because we’re teaching you real culture, kids…
we’re exposing you to the world
you’ve never experienced.
So now you can understand diverse nations.

And for Women’s History Week,
you’ll all select a famous woman
(e.g. Marie Curie and Queen Elizabeth 1)
to research and dress up as –
that will encourage you to appreciate all women and respect them
Won’t it be fun?

For Black History Appreciation Month, we’ll read
that Maya Angelou poem
and watch Amistad.
Because those experiences will help you understand black people.

Oh! And don’t forget to watch your television on mute tonight
to fully understand the complexities of being deaf.
Make sure to show your support at our save-the-deaf bake sale!

And we’ll all listen to that blind motivational speaker
for 30 minutes
before our pep rally.

Next Saturday night is our “No Two Snowflakes are the Same” dance,
hosted by the
Committee for Understanding & Learning Together, Uniting Relevance & Equality.
Wear your shiniest, whitest clothes to stand out in the crowd!

Also, don’t forget your permission slips for the evening performance of the rain dance
for Native American Night.
Bring your parents for the FUN!
Maybe they’ll buy you a supercute monogrammed headdress!

And make sure you
sneak a peek (while you still can)
at the “Tolerance Forever” mural
temporarily suspended by the gym
for the next two weeks (because we need room for all those trophies)
to show our support for all those who
struggle and suffer with being different.