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Adolescence is a part of our life experience which many of us like to avoid – in the present tense while we’re living it, in anticipation, and maybe especially in reflection.

With this emergence of polarized emotion comes the crippling self doubt and/or the false sense of security found in youthful ignorance.

Voices We Hear in the Hall is about those voices we hear in any capacity and in various places of our lives while we navigate the years in secondary school. Much of the experience of those years involves many of the array of emotions all humans feel in all of the aspects of our lives.

This blog seeks to honor, challenge, and have fun with the experience of the teenager. My vehicle is school experience which is to say that I am drawing on that which I know most dearly – as an adolescent, most of my time was spent in school, and as an educator, most of my post-adolescent experience with adolescents happens in the hallways of the middle school where I teach. That being said, this poetry is for all who enjoy poetry and short narrative form, who remember being a teen, or who are currently a teen.

Feel free to question, challenge, celebrate or otherwise respond to what I write – I invite all voices.


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